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Como Asesinar a Felipes - Luz, Figura Y Sombra LP


Clouds Hill Records

Como Asesinar a Felipes (CAF) from Santiago, Chile, is a quintet that displays it's rhythmic existential poetry over a grounding produced by organic instruments. On the same platform elements of jazz, hip-hop, rock, classical and electronic music meet, creating a mix that has stood out for it's originality, atmosphere and a lot of energy during it's live performances interpreted through a signature that is uniquely their own: saturated, technicolor hues of sound painted on a dark psychedelic canvas. Como Asesinar a Felipes - Luz, figura y sombra I LUZ I FIGURA I SOMBRA II LUZ II FIGURA II SOMBRA III LUZ III FIGURA III SOMBRA Koala Contreras: voice. Gallardo: sax, flute. Felipe Metraca: drums. Raimundo: bass DJ Sp@cio: samplers, turntables.

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