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Crumbsuckers - Turn Back Time: The Early Years 1983-85 2LP 


1983 Demo "Crumbsucker Cave"
A1 A-Ok
A2 The Twist
A3 Emil Mauer (You Dick!)
A4 Kids In My School
A5 Don't Like It
1985 Demo "Charge Of The Light Brigade"
A6 (Just) Sit There
A7 Shits Creek
A8 Shot Down
A9 Interlude
A10 Trapped
A11 Brainwashed
A12 Live To Work
A13 Charge Of The Light Brigade
The November 1983 Tape
B1 Shot Down
B2 The Solution
B3 Jail Bait (Pre Hub Run)
B4 (Just) Sit There
B5 Oh, What Fun !?!
B6 The Crumbsucker
B7 Be Yourself
B8 Emil Mauer (You Dick!)
B9 Don't Like It
B10 Genocide
B11 Budweiser Blues
The April 1984 Tape
C1 Hub Run
C2 Shot Down
C3 Bullshit Society
C4 The Solution
C5 (Just) Sit There
C6 Super Tuesday
C7 Be Yourself
C8 Shits Creek
C9 Oh, What Fun !?!
C10 Shot Down
C11 Budweiser Blues
C12 The Crumbsucker
C13 The Solution
C14 Inspector Gadget
Bonus CD - Live At CBGB 1984-1985
March 1985
1 Intro
2 Trapped
3 Shot Down
4 Be Yourself
5 Shits Creek
6 Super Tuesday
7 Brainwashed
8 Live To Work
September 22nd 1985
9 Moment Of Silence / Prelude
10 Shits Creek
11 Shot Down
12 Face Of Death
13 Interlude
14 Trapped
15 Live To Work
16 Hub Run
17 Return To The Womb
18 Brainwashed
19 (Just) Sit There
20 Life Of Dreams
21 Charge Of The Light Brigade
22 Bullshit Society
23 Super Tuesday
24 The Crumbsucker
25 Inspector Gadget
November 11th 1984
26 The Solution
27 Don't Like It
Vocals – Craig "Jughead" Smith*
28 Budweiser Blues
29 The Crumbsucker
30 Bullshit Society
31 Sweet Leaf

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