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Dag Nasty - Dag With Shawn LP


After only three months of playing shows, DAG NASTY went into Inner Ear Studios with IAN MACKAYE. Dag With Shawn was recorded on Halloween Day 1985 and features the original line-up of the band with SHAWN BROWN on vocals. Initially songs from this session were to be released as a four-song 7-inch on Dischord, but shortly after the recording Shawn left Dag Nasty and the tape was shelved. In early 1986 the band re-recorded the entire album with new vocalist DAVE SMALLEY and released it as Can I Say. Shawn went on to form the much loved SWIZ and Dag Nasty went through several more line-up changes over the years, including another vocal switch when Dave Smalley was replaced by PETER CORTNER. This original session has only been previously available as partial out-takes and unauthorized bootlegs and, until now, has never been released in its complete form. This recording, taken from restored master tapes, offers a unique view into the early development of one of DC’s most influential bands. LP includes a download.

1. Under Your Influence
2. I've Heard
3. Justification
4. Circles
5. Can I Say
6. Thin Line
7. Never Go Back
8. Another Wrong
9. One To Two

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