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Damien Jurado - Ghost of David LP


Includes download of album.

Sub Pop Records

Another strong collection of urban folk songs from Damien Jurado, Ghost of David builds on the gentle, friendly loneliness of Rehearsals for Departure and deepens it with a spiritual, often otherworldly feel. With the notable exception of "Paxil"'s bedroom-crafted rock, the album casts a reflective, melancholy spell, especially on "Great Today," "Tonight I Will Retire," "Walk With Me," and "Ghost in the Snow." However, Jurado lets rays of hope shine through on "Johnny Go Riding" and the title track, and songs like "Medication" and "Desert" showcase his conversational lyrics and delivery. A sweetly earnest version of "Rosewood Casket" adds another dimension to this contemplative, compelling album, which is Jurado's finest work yet.

  1. Medication 4:33
  2. Desert 2:57
  3. Johnny Go Riding 3:41
  4. Great Today 2:57
  5. Tonight I Will Retire 5:08
  6. Ghost Of David 2:33
  7. Parking Lot 4:00
  8. Rearview 2:03
  9. Paxil 2:16
  10. Walk With Me 3:15
  11. December 4:18
  12. Rosewood & Casket 2:57
  13. Ghost In The Snow 3:06