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Dougie Poole - The Rainbow Wheel of Death LP


Wharf Cat Records

Dougie Poole's third album The Rainbow Wheel of Death is more realized than any of his other records to date. Recorded straight to tape Dougie approached this record as it came to him, naturally, with his vocals and the lyrics at the forefront. "This record came together really quick. I hadn't written much for a couple years - I got a full time job at an underwear website during the pandemic. But then I cranked out a bunch of tunes really quickly in winter 2021 and recorded them shortly after with my neighbors. We went down to Katie (Von Schleicher)'s childhood home in the Baltimore suburbs with a bunch of gear and a crew of players and we tracked the bulk of it in a week. In the past I'd write songs obsessively, stitching songs together part by part at my computer. But I was working so much at my computer that I had to step away to feel like I could write. So I put most of these tunes together with just a guitar. Then, I sort of just showed up in Maryland with the songs and a guitar and the players just did their thing. I think that process is reflected in the sound and the content. A lot of the stories and imagery of the songs live in a computer, cause that's been my world for a bit. But the sound of the songs is more natural. You can hear Katie's bird, and her parent's living room, and our chit chat. It was nice to be with people. I don’t think I went on a computer that whole week we were in Pasadena." (quote from the artist)The Rainbow Wheel of Death welcomes long time lovers of Poole as well as opening the door for those who've never heard his music. An album full of instant classics, his songs are more relatable and timeless than ever. Approaching broader themes this time, life, death, the point of it all, with lyrics that are as clever as ever there is something for everyone on this record.