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Eddy Detroit - Immortal Gods LP


Assophon Records

Eddy Detroit is an underground legend. He was a key fixture in the fertile Phoenix AZ scene of the early 80s (that included such luminaries as the Meat Puppets, Sun City Girls, Maybe Mental, Feederz, JFA etc...) Immortal God’s was the first release on his Pan Records label ( his 2nd LP, Philosopher’s Journey would be the only other). Both records were privately released in miniscule editions , are now and have been rather difficult to obtain for many years, ensuring them as holy grails for collectors of the exotic, cult, folk, beat, punk, outsider rock musical canon....Immortal Gods was recorded and released in 1982. It features Alan Bishop and Charles Gocher (Sun City Girls), Dan and Mary Clark (Feederz/Victory Acres), Jesse Srgoncik (aka James Verlaine aka J. Akkari from Paris 1942... a band that featured the Velvet Underground’s drummer Moe Tucker as well as Rick and Alan Bishop), and Brandon and Audrey Curtis backing Eddy and his African, voodoo, Hitchcock musical vision. It is a timeless masterpiece. The LP Jacket cover is quite possibly the apex in outsider photography and demented vision. It features Eddy and a lady friend (a woman he picked up for the cover shot because she had the bone structure he was looking for) on horseback with Eddy holding his head in his outstretched hand. A perfect image for the music contained within. Assophon Records is proud to present this album in its original format for the current generation to tango with.