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Eerie Wanda - Pet Town LP NEW

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Eerie Wanda - Pet Town LP NEW

For Dutch/Croatian songwriter and visual artist Marina Tadic, Pet Town represents time well spent in one's own shell.Her second LP as Eerie Wanda (and first for Joyful Noise Recordings), Pet Town is a stripped down spectralmanifestation, anchored by Tadic's wistful lyrics and self possessed vocal delivery. Mixed by producer Jasper Geluk,the album is perched in warm, homespun recordings-live drums are replaced with handclaps, finger snaps, and aRoland CR78 drum machine, enhancing the music’s tactile and intimate headspace. Using minimal recordingtechniques, Tadic shaped these ten songs on sheer intuition, while drawing inspiration from solitude: how it can beboth a state of euphoria but also one of loneliness-of inner meditation and outer yearning.Tadic is still left guessing how Pet Town came to be, exactly. "I wrote the songs over a period of time spent inside myshell, and I needed that time. Not escaping it brought me a lot of growth." Like some mysterious shamanic voice fromthe future, Eerie Wanda hushes turbulent peaks and valleys into a comforting, deft equilibrium. "I love to think I'mconnected with some other dimension which sends me the songs and I can catch them if I'm in the right zone."

Joyful Noise Records

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