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Ego Kill Talent - Dance Between Extremes


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Without borders, we access the ultimate unity. This holds true for Ego Kill Talent. The São Paulo, Brazil quintet - Jonathan Dörr [vocals], Jean Dolabella [drums, guitar], Raphael Miranda [drums, bass], Niper Boaventura[guitar, bass], and Theo Van Der Loo [bass, guitar] - unite heavy music integrity and pop ambition, universal appeal and South American flavor, and tight songcraft and instrumental fluidity on their second album, The Dance Between Extremes. Musically and lyrically, The Dance Between Extremes embodies the title. "Life is the dance between extremes," Van Der Loo continues. "You need to learn how to dance amidst happiness and sadness, winning and losing, and the right and the left. You find peace when you understand you're destined to be in the middle." The first single "Now" illustrates that. A stark vocal rings out with soul over a faint hum before snapping into a polyrhythmic riff and off-kilter drumbeat. Nimble instrumentation leaps towards an entrancing ethereal chant, "We can overcome time."

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