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Esplendor Geometric - 40 Anos Nos Iluminan 2LP


Geometrik Records

Double LP version.includes four-page insert with photos and notes; each copy has been individually customized (album cover sealed and labeled one-by-one); edition of 500 (numbered). In four decades, the career of Esplendor Geométric hasn't had interruptions. They haven't stopped composing, releasing albums or playing live (with more intensity since the nineties). In 40 years, E.G. have left a discography of 23 albums, as well as singles, contributions to compilations, and cassettes published in different countries (Spain, Germany, Japan, USA, France...) They have collaborated with other artists like Francisco López (Biomechanica, with Arturo Lanz), Hijokaidan (E.G.Kaidan), Maurizio Bianchi (with Saverio Evangelista)... They have performed in more than 100 shows in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Japan, USA, UK, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Chile... and they have a full-length documentary film about them, (Geometría del Esplendor José Ramón da Cruz, 2016), has been filmed and has received various awards. 40 Años Nos Iluminan is not just another EG album, as they have reinvented themselves by taking inspiration from their own long career since 1980. The new tracks included on 40 Años offer better sound and compositions full of details, sometimes subtle, opening a new path of exploration that goes beyond the typical current industrial music, loaded with clichés. Here, E.G. experiment with noise, recorded voices, striking collages, and their trademark hypnotic rhythms of industrial trance. 40 years marks a turning and evolution of E.G., which however still sounds like E.G. 40 Años Nos Iluminan is offered on a double-album package with 16 exclusive new tracks recorded in 2020. Four are versions-reconstructions of old EG tracks by close artists, like Atom TM, Most Significant Beat, Pragma (Clock DVA, TeZ), and Moral Order.

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