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Faith / Void - Faith / Void LP


Dichord Records

A1 The Faith*– It's Time 0:59
A2 The Faith*– Face To Face 1:02
A3 The Faith*– Trapped 0:47
A4 The Faith*– In Control 1:09
A5 The Faith*– Another Victim 0:41
A6 The Faith*– What's Wrong With Me? 0:41
A7 The Faith*– What You Think 0:49
A8 The Faith*– Confusion 1:33
A9 The Faith*– You're X'd 1:06
A10 The Faith*– Nightmare 1:11
A11 The Faith*– Don't Tell Me 0:57
A12 The Faith*– In The Black 2:04
B1 Void – Who Are You? 2:22
B2 Void – Time To Die 1:36
B3 Void – Condensed Flesh 0:39
B3 Void – Ignorant People 1:17
B5 Void – Change Places 0:52
B6 Void – Ask Them Why 1:12
B7 Void – Organized Sports 1:09
B8 Void – My Rules 0:56
B9 Void – Self Defense 0:50
B10 Void – War Hero 1:19
B11 Void – Think 1:49
B12 Void – Explode 1:47

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