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Four Old Seven Inches On A Twelve Inch LP


Dischord Records

A1 The Teen Idles– Teen Idles
A2 The Teen Idles– Sneakers
A3 The Teen Idles– Get Up And Go
A4 The Teen Idles– Deadhead
A5 The Teen Idles– Fleeting Fury
A6 The Teen Idles– Fiorrucci Nightmare
A7 The Teen Idles– Getting In My Way
A8 The Teen Idles– Too Young To Rock
A9 State Of Alert– Lost In Space
A10 State Of Alert– Draw Blank
A11 State Of Alert– Girl Problems
A12 State Of Alert– Blackout
A13 State Of Alert– Gate Crashers
A14 State Of Alert– Warzone
A15 State Of Alert– Riot
A16 State Of Alert– Gang Fight
A17 State Of Alert– Public Defender
A18 State Of Alert– Gonna Have To Fight
B1 Government Issue– Religious Ripoff
B2 Government Issue– Fashionite
B3 Government Issue– Rock & Roll Bullshit
B4 Government Issue– Anarchy Is Dead
B5 Government Issue– Sheer Terror
B6 Government Issue– Asshole
B7 Government Issue– Bored To Death
B8 Government Issue– No Rights
B9 Government Issue– I'm James Dean
B10 Government Issue– Cowboy Fashion
B11 Youth Brigade – It's About Time That We Had A Change
B12 Youth Brigade – Full Speed Ahead
B13 Youth Brigade – Point Of View
B14 Youth Brigade – Barbed Wire
B15 Youth Brigade – Pay No Attention
B16 Youth Brigade – Wrong Decision
B17 Youth Brigade – No Song
B18 Youth Brigade – No Song II

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