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France Gall - Self Titled LP


Recent reissue

Twitchin' Beat Records

Twitchin' Beat Records present a reissue of France Gall's self-titled debut album, originally released in 1964. Gall was the shooting star of French pop in the '60s with tunes like the very famous "Poupee de Cire, Poupee de Son" and a comeback hit in the late '80s, "Ella Elle L'a". She was a beautiful girl with brown eyes and blonde hair when she hit the scene aged 17 in 1964, and her rise to fame and stardom happened in an amazing pace. This is France Gall's debut album, released in 1964 along with a couple of Rolling Stones, Hollies and Beatles albums and it could compete with all these heavy weights of that era. France Gall contains a nifty mix of songs that present elements of chanson, soul and heartache ballad, vocal jazz and contemporary pop. "Jazz Á Go-Go" for example is such a rather haunting vocal jazz track with a wicked saxophone solo and on the other hand "Les Rubans Et La Fleur" comes as a beautiful pop/beat song with melodies ranging between happy and thoughtfully folky, as if some chanson and classic English folksong have been mixed up with a playful beat background. "Pense À Moi" owes much to cool jazz hero Dave Brubeck and his 5/4 rhythms and piano block chords of the "Take Five" anthem. A beautiful French pop album that emanates an angelic innocence that pop music had actually lost by that time with plenty of emotional depth to be found here, but Gall's innocence just keeps it all together. Happy songs, dark songs, dramatic melodies - her early works were a bit more serious and cool than later in the '60s when she adopted a full, but tame, chanson pop sound. The melancholic ballad "J'entends Cette Musique" has an utterly sad but hopeful melody. For fans of '60s female fronted pop music stuck in between the more adventurous mid '60s style and '50s heartbreak songs, France Gall's debut is a must have.

- Side 1 -
1 Mes Premières Vraies Vacances (2:15)
2 Jazz À Gogo (2:26)
3 Soyons Sages (2:30)
4 Les Rubans Et la Fleur (2:45)
5 Pense À Moi (2:32)
6 Ça Va Je T'aime "Hip-Huggers" (2:13)
- Side 2 -
1 La Cloche (2:05)
2 N'écoute Pas Les Idoles (1:50)
3 J'entends Cette Musique (2:33)
4 Ne Dis Pas Aux Copains (2:34)
5 Ne Sois Pas Si Bête "Stand a Little Closer" (2:16)
6 Si J'étais Garçon (2:10)