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Gears of War: Judgment OST 2LP


Laced Records

The Coalition and Laced Records have freed the Gears of War: Judgment soundtrack from its bonds of captivity and are unleashing it onto vinyl.

30 remastered tracks will be pressed onto deep red and blue heavyweight discs that will slip into a deluxe gatefold sleeve.

For the fourth Gears of War game, composers Steve Jablonsky (Gears of War 2 and 3) and Jacob Shea produced a simmering, industrial soundscape made up of huge-sounding synths, crunchy guitar tones and spare orchestral elements. Tightly structured, emotionally taut cues soundtracked a story framed by Damon Baird and Kilo Squad’s military tribunal.

  1. Judgment
  2. Jacked
  3. Undefined Charges
  4. High Surge
  5. Upper Reaches
  6. Disorder in the Court
  7. Return Fire
  8. Slowly but Surely
  9. A New Plan
  10. Smarter Men Than We
  11. Shibboleth
  12. Not So Fast
  13. The Last Stretch
  14. Comms Online
  15. Gauntlet
  16. What it Takes
  17. Hold the Line
  18. Tower of Lightmass
  19. Enemy Unveiled
  20. Around the Court
  21. Against all Reason
  22. Forbidden Streets
  23. Asset Recovery
  24. Evac Zone
  25. Fair and Swift
  26. Ulterior Motive
  27. Vantage Point
  28. Taking a Stand
  29. Pendulum Swings
  30. Charges Dropped

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