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GG Allin - Terror in America LP


Alive Records

1 Bite It
2 Look into My Eyes and Hate Me
3 Take Aim & Fire
4 Outlaw Scumfuc
5 Terror in America
6 Highest Power
7 Cunt Suckin' Canibal
8 Expose Yourself to Kids
9 I'm Gonna Rape You
10 Kill the Police
11 Gypsy Motherfucker
12 I Live to Be Hated
13 Outlaw Scumfuc [Version 2]
14 Fuck Authority [Acoustic]
15 I Kill Everything I Fuck
16 Cunt Suckin' Canibal [Version 2]
17 Highest Power [Version 2]
18 Terror in America [Instrumental]
19 Gypsy Motherfucker [Version 2]
20 Outlaw Scumfuc [Acoustic]
21 Be My Fuckin' Whore
22 Wendy & Tilla [Acoustic]

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