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Hamell On Trial - TACKLE BOX LP


New West Records

Contains Bonus Live CD With Career-Spanning Tracks
The title of the album is Tackle Box. Why? Because it's a catchy metaphor for the anxiety-induced, claustrophobic spirit that the country now inhabits? Get it? Tackle, like football, and boxing, aggressive, confrontational sports like the historical period we currently, um, 'enjoy'? Yes, it more specific to the White House and the tense, argumentative dictator-like relationship that Trump has with all that surround him? His wife, business associates, foreign leaders, staff and media? Yes, but ... is it called Tackle Box as a thinly disguised allusion to the torment and conflicted dialogue I wrestle with between my ears on a minute to minute basis? There's that, yup... but maybe I'm just saying it's time to go to the mat and deal hands-on with this oppression? Okay sure, but really it's called Tackle Box because it's got so many hooks!

I'm pretty lucky to do what I do in this life - writing these songs and being able to perform them to appreciative audiences around the world. Never let it be said that dreams don't come true! And I kinda enjoy every aspect, the writing, traveling, recording, rehearsing and performing. But this album in particular, which was basically recorded all by myself in my high-security, bunker-like isolated home studio, felt particularly personal, maybe some kind of spiritual blood-letting if you will. Catharsis! A semi-humorous approach to some crazy political times! I had a lot of fun making it, it induced some much needed laughs. Hope you feel the same. Enjoy!

- Ed Hamell

1. Safe
2. The More You Know
3. Froggy #1
4. She Ride It
5. Not Aretha's Respect (Cops)
6. Ballad Of Chris
7. Froggy #2
8. Dance Til The Sobbing Stops
9. Bodyguard Blanket
10. How I Wanna Die
11. Froggy #3
12. Tackle Box
13. Better Believe It
14. Mouthy B
15. Froggy #4
16. When I Cry