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Hasil Adkins - Moon Over Madison LP


Recent reissue.

Norton Records

While Hasil Adkins is best known for his rough-terrain D.I.Y. filtered through a West Virginia lunatic brand of wild-ass rock & roll, a quick listen to his stunning reading of Merle Haggard's "Turning Off a Memory" off the 1987 Wild Man album reveals a hitherto unexplored talent for high and lonesome ballads. Moon Over Madison delivers on that promise with 16 generous songs of what Adkins refers to as "late-night music," all but one emanating from Adkins' home recordings between 1956 to 1963, a peak period of creativity. The ghostly spirit of Hank Williams drives many of the originals here, and it's no surprise that the overall feel taps into some pretty dark places emotionally throughout the album. A particularly fine example is "Love Taker," which features a bloodcurdling yodel throughout the song mirroring a just-before-dawn eeriness that's positively overwhelming. A couple of cover tunes appear in sedate (for Hasil) versions of Gene Autry's "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" and Bill Monroe's "Blue Velvet Band." But Adkins originals like "A Fool in This Game," "I Had a Dream About You," "Louise," "This A.D.C.," "Lonely Is My Name," and the recorded-in-1990 title track are the real commodity meat of this collection. If you've only heard the wild rockin' side of Adkins, here's where you go to the get the rest of the picture.

  1. When I Saw You Last Night 2:42
  2. Blue Velvet Band 3:46
  3. Lonely Wind / Help Me 3:51
  4. By The Lonesome River 3:16
  5. Goin' Home Tomorrow 2:20
  6. I Had A Dream About You 2:17
  7. This A.D.C. 3:19
  8. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 2:36
  9. Moon Over Madison 2:31
  10. Lonely Love 2:53
  11. A Fool In This Game 2:19
  12. Louise 1:59
  13. Love Taker 3:25
  14. I'm Alone 2:05
  15. Lonely Is My Name 2:51
  16. My Home Town 2:55