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Innov Gnawa - Lila


Daptone Records

Daptone Records is honored to announce the release of Innov Gnawa's forthcoming full length, Lila. Hailing from Morocco, but based in NYC, Innov Gnawa have been making waves locally and abroad with their hypnotic live shows - which is why Producer, Bosco Mann invited the group to come record at the Legendary Daptone House of Soul. Gnawa is music and spiritual tradition rooted in Morocco and dates back many centuries. Liberated slaves of Northern and Western Africa integrated their musical rhythms and religious beliefs into the culture of Morocco creating a unique style of music and dance called Gnawa. It's not religious music, but rather music and rhythms that promote healing through trance and spirituality.

The infectious rhythms of Gnawa songs are invocations for Saints and Spirits of freedom and liberation. Gnawa groups consist of a Ma'Alem, or master, who plays the Gimbri - a three-stringed African Bass, accompanied by a brotherhood of musicians playing the Karkabas, which are metal castanets, representing the shackles and chains of slaves. The title of this album, Lila, literally means Night and is a traditional Gnawa ceremony in which the Ma'Alem and his Karkaba ensemble dedicate an evening of healing through music. A traditional Lila has 3 parts and can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, and even weeks in some cases. The hypnotic poly-rhythms, along with incense and ceremonial ambiance induce states of trance in the musicians and guests. This all-night rhythm fest is a spiritual ritual that cleanses the body, mind, and spirit. It would be impossible to capture an entire Lila on LP, but what Innov Gnawa delivers is a concise glimpse into this ancient Moroccan tradition. We invite you to immerse yourself into Lila. Experience Freedom, Liberation and the power of healing through music. You are not alive if this music doesn't move you.