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Invincible Force - Decomposed Sacramentum


Dark Descent Records

A relentless whirlwind of proto-death, hysterical thrash and demonic atmosphere full of riffs and blast beats worthy of Morbid Angel Abomination Of Desolation-era or Incubus. Invincible Force have come of age, blasting heaven‰۪s gates wide open in the process‰Û_and there shall be no prisoners. Decomposed Sacramentum is perfectly illustrated by the bleak black and white cover artwork designed by David Jorquera.åÊåʉÛÏDespite having been a band for thirteen years, Invincible Force‰۪s music offers up a youthful exuberance reminiscent of the Brazilian thrash scene in the ‰۪80s, but with a more modern production. This album would absolutely have been the soundtrack to a basement party full of thrash kids in denim jackets crushing cheap beer as their white high-tops became a blur of circle pits.‰۝ ‰ÛÓYour Last Rites