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Jack Johnson - All The Light Above It Too LP


Republic Records

Jack Johnson has announced that his next album is called All the Light Above It Too. The album features the slyly political lead single "My Mind Is for Sale."
"This album shares what has been on my mind during the past year or so," says Johnson in a statement. "A year in which I sailed through the North Atlantic Gyre" -- a circular system of ocean currents -- "for a documentary about plastic pollution in the ocean. A year in which [Donald] Trump was elected as the President of the United States."

"A year in which I camped, surfed, got stitches, explored, dreamed, shared time and endless conversations with my family and friends," he continues. "All of which inspired these songs."

1. Subplots
2. You Can't Control It
3. Sunsets for Somebody Else
4. My Mind Is for Sale
5. Daybreaks
6. Big Sur
7. Love Song #16
8. Is One Moon Enough?
9. Gather
10. Fragments