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Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands LP


Reissue on 180 gram vinyl.

Plain Recordings

The second album from the brothers Reid, originally released in 1987. Dark lands is more accessible and hooky than Psychocandy, leaving most of the feedback and some of the noise behind to focus on the songs and to make a clear break from the legendary debut album. With tracks such as April Skies, Dark lands, Happy When It Rains and Nine Million Rainy Days, the Reid's proved they had plenty of great songs in them and wouldn't be boxed in by the past. An all out classic from the 1980s reissued on 180 gram vinyl.

1 Darklands (5:25)
2 Deep One Perfect Morning (2:42)
3 Happy When It Rains (3:35)
4 Down on Me (2:30)
5 Nine Million Rainy Days (4:28)
6 April Skies (3:58)
7 Fall (2:27)
8 Cherry Came Too (3:03)
9 On the Wall (5:02)
10 About You (2:32)