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Joanna Brouk - Sounds Of The Sea LP


Numero Group Records

Joanna Brouk's most ambitious recording, Sounds of the Sea is a concept album full of mystery and eroticism. A conch shell bookends this journey into the deep, going down and down and down further, never reaching bottom. Drawing inspiration from various legends of mermaids and sailors, Brouk weaves circling flutes, vocals, drones and whale songs to describe a sense of unfathomable longing more clearly than words could ever express. Sounds of the Sea is a hypnotic and profound achievement by one of new age's greatest composers.

1 Invocation
2 Atavesta
3 Playing in the Water
4 Aurora
5 Diving Deeper, Remembering Love
6 Going to Sleep
7 The Reminder of Long Ago
8 The Nymph Rising, Calling the Sailor
9 First Meeting
10 Touching the Sky
11 The Sounding
12 Return to the Deep