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Joao Gilberto - The Warm World Of Joao Gilberto LP


Down At Dawn Records

Down At Dawn present a reissue of The Warm World Of João Gilberto, originally released in 1963. In summer 1958, João Gilberto -- an unknown 28 year-old Brazilian guitarist and singer from Bahia -- made his recording debut as a singer with two songs "Chega de Saudade" and "Bim Bom". With a new rhythmic feeling, batida, and rich harmonies he laid the basis of the modern Brazilian samba, now known as bossa nova. Underpinned by his insouciantly swinging guitar, João's seductive, vibrato-less vocals caressed both ear and soul in a mesmerizing, highly addictive combination, refreshing and modern. "Chega De Saudade" was a hit, launching Gilberto's career and the bossa nova craze. Soon, singers and guitarists were trying to imitate him and composers were all on a "Desafinado" (the second of Gilberto's hits) and "Chega De Saudade" kick. The long-awaited renewal of the Brazilian samba was now a fact. Antonio Carlos Jobim said: "Gilberto appeared as a light, as a big star in the firmament, in the heavens. He became a focus, because he was pulling the guitar in one way and singing the other way, which created a third thing that was profound. Yes, the guy who brought the bossa nova beat to the world was João Gilberto."

A1. Desafinado (1:58)
A2. Rosa Morena (2:02)
A3. Morena Boca De Ouro (1:56)
A4. Bim Bom (1:12)
A5. Aos Pes Da Cruz (1:31)
A6. E Luxo So (1:55)
B1. Saudade Fez Um Samba (1:46)
B2. Chega De Saudade (1:59)
B3. Lobo Bobo (1:17)
B4. Brigas, Nunca Mais (2:03)
B5. Ho-Ba-La-La (2:14)
B6. Maria Ninguem (2:20)

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