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Joe Hisaishi - Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind 


Studio Ghibli Records

Soundtrack recorded for the film based on the image album. Jacket image is a watercolor painting for the cover of the original comics of Nausicaa taking a gun to relieve a dying baby Ohmu from suffering which she tried to save though it was beyond help. With 4 pages of illustrations, double jacket.


Side A

01. ''Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind'' ~ Opening ~

02. Runaway of the royal bullock

03. Valley of the Wind

04. Insect love shining princess

05. Kushana's invasion

06. combat?

Side B

07. Interaction with the royal bullock

08. In a corrupt sea

09. Annihilation of Petite

10. Battle of Maube and Corvette

11. Reviving gigantic soldier

12. Nausicaa · Requiem

13. ''Bird Man'' ~ Ending ~"