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Joe Hisaishi - Porco Rosso Image Album LP


Studio Ghibli Records

Score to Porco Rosso from Studio Ghibli by Joe Hisaishi, with new mastering and new jacket artwork. Enjoy the beauty of the artwork with the rich sound of a vinyl record.

The Image Album songs are based on the image/atmosphere of the original comics. They are created before the OST or the film itself and offer a greater soundscape to the actual visuals from the films.

Based on the original story of Porco Rosso, director Miyazak's cartoon "Hikotei Jidai" and his notes of music, this album was created with an image of Italy at the end of the 1920s.

Side A:

  1. The Blue Sky Of The Adriatic Sea
  2. The Age Of Adventurous Pilots
  3. Crimson Wings
  4. The Savoia In The Clouds
  5. Piccolo S.P.A.

Side B:

  1. Playing War
  2. Flying Boat "Dabohaze"
  3. Hotel Adriano's Window
  4. Global Terror
  5. The Theme Of Marco And Gina

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