John Phillips - Man Who Fell To Earth OST 2LP NEW DAVID BOWIE

John Phillips - Man Who Fell To Earth OST 2LP NEW DAVID BOWIE

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John Phillips - Man Who Fell To Earth OST 2LP


2016 reissue.

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Soundtrack to David Bowie’s The Man Who Fell to Earth will finally be released. “Due to the recent discovery of lost master tapes,” the score will be available 40 years after the film hit theaters.
40 years ago, David Bowie starred in the sci-fi cult classic The Man Who Fell to Earth, which birthed one of his greatest personas: The Thin White Duke. In commemoration of its upcoming anniversary, the film will return to theaters. The film’s soundtrack will be released commercially for the very first time.
Bowie originally intended to handle the soundtrack himself, but director Nic Roeg ultimately decided to go in a different direction. Instead, the music was coordinated by The Mamas & the Papas’ John Phillips, with contributions from Japanese percussionist-composer Stomu Yamash’ta and former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor. Several of the songs Bowie wrote for The Man Who Fell to Earth — including “Subterraneans” — ended up on his 1977 album, Low.

LP 1
1. Poker Dice (Stomu Yamashta)
2. Blueberry Hill (Louis Armstrong)
3. Jazz II (John Phillips)
4. The Bringer Of Peace (Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Venus)
5. Boys From The South (John Phillips)
6. 33 1/3 (Stomu Yamashta)
7. Rhumba Boogie (John Phillips)
8. Try To Remember (The Kingston Trio)
9. Mandala (Stomu Yamashta)
10. America (John Phillips)
11. Wind Words (Stomu Yamashta)
12. Jazz (John Phillips)
LP 2
1. One Way (Stomu Yamashta)
2. Space Capsule (John Phillips)
3. Bluegrass Breakdown (John Phillips)
4. Desert Shack (John Phillips)
5. Memory Of Hiroshima (Stomu Yamashta)
6. Window (John Phillips)
7. Alberto (John Phillips)
8. The Bringer Of War (Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Venus)
9. Liar, Liar (John Phillips)
10. Hello Mary Lou (John Phillips)
11. Silent Night (Robert Farnon)
12. Love Is Coming Back (Genevieve Waite)
13. The Man Who Fell To Earth (John Phillips)

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