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Jokabi - Chilltendo Deluxe 2LP


Gamechops Records

Chilltendo Deluxe is a 24 track lofi hip hop tribute to the music of Nintendo video games. From Zelda to Pokémon, Smash Bros to Mario, Chilltendo Deluxe is a curated selection of the best lofi flips in the game music universe. Includes cover songs from Pokémon, Undertale, Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario, and Okami. Compositions are licensed and used with permission.

1 Title Screen (Feat. Mikel)
2 It´S Raining Somewhere Else
3 Fairy Fountain
4 Eterna Forest
5 Secret of the Forest
6 Professor Rowan's Lab
7 Snowpoint City
8 Forest Temple (Feat. Mikel)
9 Twilight Princess
10 Game Over
11 Fi´S Theme
12 End Credits
13 Song of Storms
14 Smash Bros. (Feat. Mikel)
15 Ordon Village
16 Professor Sycamore
17 Kaepora Gaebora
18 Newbark Town
19 Lost Woods
20 Dire Dire Docks
21 Kakariko Is Saved
22 Surf
23 Comet Observatory
24 Okami Reset