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Keith Urban - Golden Road 2LP 


2016 vinyl pressing.

Capitol Nashville

Keith Urban's second release for Capitol Records is an early yet devastatingly original piece of work that pointed the way toward his later albums, and it proves him partially responsible for the diverse musical traditions that made their way into the contemporary country scene during the 21st century. While others like Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, and Travis Tritt modeled a sound that included Southern and '70s rock, Urban brought bluegrass, Top 40 pop stylings, and drum loops into the mix, and made them all work in his own songs as well as those he covered.

  1. Somebody Like You 5:23
  2. Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me 4:15
  3. Whenever I Run 3:38
  4. What About Me 3:51
  5. You'll Think Of Me 4:53
  6. Jeans On 3:33
  7. You Look Good In My Shirt 3:47
  8. You're Not Alone Tonight 3:30
  9. You Won 4:59
  10. Song For Dad 3:56
  11. Raining On Sunday 4:45
  12. You're Not My God 4:18