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Link Wray - Some Kinda Nut LP


Norton Records

  1. Drag Strip - Fender Benders
  2. Baby Doll - the Spiders
  3. Please Please Me
  4. And I Love Her
  5. You're My Baby - the Spiders
  6. Xke - Fender Benders
  7. Run Boy Run - the Spiders
  8. Blue Eyes (Don't Run Away)
  9. Giovanno
  10. Red Riding Hood and the Wolf - Bunker Hill
  11. Girl Can't Dance - Bunker Hill
  12. Remember the Twist
  13. Other Side of the Moon - Moon Men, the Moon Men
  14. Genocide
  15. Earth Is Crying
  16. Some Kinda Nut - Moon Men, the Moon Men
  17. Hungry Child
  18. Growling Guts
  19. Four Gray Walls
  20. Mindblower
  21. Rumble '69