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Madlib - Yesterdays New Quintet - Angels Without Edges LP

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Madlib began Yesterdays New Quintet in 2000, releasing their first full-length Angles Without Edges in 2001. As the group progressed, a plan was developed for each of the band members to release "solo" records and to introduce new members and groups into what would be called "Yesterdays Universe". Phase 1: Yesterdays New Quintet - 2000; Phase 2: Joe McDuphrey Experience - 2002; Phase 3: Ahmad Miller - 2003; Phase 4: Monk Hughes & the Outer Realm - 2004; Phase 5: Malik Flavors - 2005; Phase 6: Otis Jackson Jr. Trio - 2007. Towards the end of this cycle, several new YNQ spinoffs were announced on the compilation album Yesterdays Universe - Sound Directions, The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble, Young Jazz Rebels, and others.

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