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Magnetic Fields -  Wayward Bus /  Distant Plastic Trees  2LP 


Includes digital download.

Merge Records

Magnetic Fields' first two albums, released in 1990 and 1992 on tiny indies and all but ignored until the release of this double CD in 1994, are among the most influential records of '90s indie pop. Resolutely unfashionable in the dawning of grunge, with their early-'80s synthesizers and deliberately twee lyrical preoccupations, these albums are directly responsible for dozens, if not hundreds, of less capable imitators.

LP 1
1. When You Were My Baby
2. The Saddest Story Ever Told
3. Lovers From the Moon
4. Candy
5. Tokyo Á Go-Go
6. Summer Lies
7. Old Orchard Beach
8. Jeremy
9. Dancing in Your Eyes
10. Suddenly There Is a Tidal Wave

LP 2
1. Railroad Boy
2. Smoke Signals
3. You Love to Fail
4. Kings
5. Babies Falling
6. Living in an Abandoned Firehouse With You
7. Tar-Heel Boy
8. Falling in Love With the Wolfboy
9. Josephine
10. 100,000 Fireflies