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Make-Up - Destination: Love; Live At Cold Rice LP


Dischord Records

***REISSUED ON VINYL!!! MAKE-UP was a group which composed superior, original music, performed that music dynamically in spaces and nightclubs, and organized the performances at which they appeared across the U.S.A. and the world. These performances were characterized by the freneticism, catharsis and spirituality of what can only be described as GOSPEL YEH-YEH music. They were a total departure from the boring pantomime of rock 'n' roll as we know it, inflicting a sublime theatre on their audience which resembled a baptism, or perhaps an orgy. Their 'singer' was typically employed as a lead-chanter, while the others perpetrated a rhythmic drone on the subjects of their "Rhythm Hive". They were: on guitar, microphone and organ, JAMES CANTY; on center microphone, IAN SVENONIUS; on bass guitar and microphone, MICHELLE MAE and on the drum kit, STEVE GAMOBA. Ian, Steve and James once were part of the NATION OF ULYSSES, while Michelle took part in a project called FRUMPIES. The three were from Washington, DC while the one was from Olympia, Washington, but they formed in February 1995 to present their international vision to a world they are sure is steeped in stultifying cynicism. Includes a download.