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Michael Giacchino - The Incredibles 


Walt Disney Records

In suppport of the highly anticipated sequel, get ready to fight foes and villains alike while listening to the original The Incredibles soundtrack on picture disc vinyl! You’ll save the day with a score by Academy Award winning composer Michael Giacchino and stunning images of our valiant family including Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash and Jack Jack!


Side A

1. The Glory Days

2. Mr. Huph Will See You Now

3. Adventure Calling

4. Bob vs. The Omnidroid

5. Lava in the Afternoon

6. Life's Incredible Again

7. Off to Work

8. New and Improved

9. Kronos Unveiled

10. Marital Rescue

11. Missile Lock

12. Lithe or Death

Side B

1. 100 Mile Dash

2. A Whole Family of Supers

3. Escaping Nomanisan

4. Road Trip!

5. Saving Metroville

6. The New Babysitter

7. The Incredits