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Milo - Things That Happen At Day / Things That Happen At Night LP


Ruby Yacht Records

Things That Happen At Day

  1. Sweet Chin Music (The Fisher King's Anthem) 3:28
  2. Almost Cut My Hair (For Crosby) 3:12
  3. Folk-Metaphysics 4:42
  4. Legends of the Hidden Temple 4:06
  5. Almond Milk Paradise 3:52
  6. (silence) 0:11
  7. Kenosha, WI 4:37

Things That Happen At Night

  1. A Lazy Coon's Obiter Dictum 5:20
  2. The Gus Haynes Cribbage League 5:50
  3. Monologion 3:32
  4. Folk-Metaphysics, 2nd Ed. 3:38
  5. Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc (For Schopenhauer) 3:27
  6. (silence) 0:11
  7. The Otherground Pizza Party 3:38