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Minor Victories - Orchestral Variations 2LP


Fat Possum Records

Minor Victories announce Orchestral Variations, instrumental interpretations of their self-titled debut!
“I don’t really know that much about music in terms of theory, notes, scales etc. I generally just fuck about with things until it sounds right to my ear… So I guess to call this album ‘Orchestral Variations,’ it would have to be in the loosest ever sense of the term.
When we were putting together the Minor Victories album, a lot of the music came about through string arrangements, motifs, melodies, countermelodies and other such noodlings I was messing about with. This record kind of takes it back to that initial point, and re-imagines the whole record from that standpoint–the bare bones, the hint at a vocal melody, not relying on any backbeat–but stripping the songs back to the base elements and then piece-by-piece making an entirely new record. It takes the songs and elements around them and the phrases into a new place, mostly born out of hindsight and I guess a curiosity to fuck around with it all long enough until it sounded right to my ear. From all that an entirely new record was formed. It’s not a remix album, or b-sides… it’s just another way at looking/hearing things.” – James Lockey on Orchestral Variations

LP 1
1. Cogs – Orchestral Variation
2. Breaking My Light – Orchestral Variation
3 The Thief – Orchestral Variation
4. Give up the Ghost – Orchestral Variation
5. Scattered Ashes – Orchestral Variation
LP 2
1. Folk Arp – Orchestral Variation
2. For You Always – Orchestral Variation
3. A Hundred Ropes – Orchestral Variation
4. Higher Hopes – Orchestral Variation
5. Out to Sea – Orchestral Variation