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Moondoggies - A Love Sleeps Deep


Hardly Art

A Love Sleeps Deep’s bones rattle with all the seismic changes of the last five years since the release of The Moondoggies’ Adios I’m a Ghost. While the Washington band got lumped in early on with the woodsy folk-rock/Americana movement that sprung up in the Pacific Northwest in the 2000s, the core Moondoggies sound has always been rock in the more classical sense–more Pink Floyd than Woody Guthrie. A Love Sleeps Deep crystalizes that.


  1. Easy Coming
  2. Play
  3. Cinders
  4. Match
  5. Sick in Bed
  6. Play
  7. Soviet Barn Fire
  8. Play
  9. My Mother
  10. Promises
  11. Underground (A Love Sleeps Deep)


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