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Mutantes / World Psychedelic Classics 1: Everything Is Possible! The Best of Os Mutantes


Luaka Bop

By popular demand, the mutants are back—and this time, they’re in color: This limited edition gatefold LP comes in Everything Is Yellow.

Here's what the guy who compiled this album has to say about this Os Mutantes classic:

“The late 60s in Brasil produced an explosion of creativity that is still reverberating throughout the world... and Os Mutantes (The Mutants) were the most outrageous band of that period. Their creative cannibalism produced psychedelic gems unlike anything else, and they sound as relevant today as anything happening anywhere. They were exactly what their name implies—a mutant genetic recombination of John Cage, The Beatles, and bossa nova. A creature that was too strange and beautiful to live for very long, but too strong to ever fade away. It lives again. Be prepared.”

- David Byrne, 1999

“We always knew that music was an expression of the soul and not of politics. There is something political about being free under a dictatorship anyway — tell a teenager that they can’t do something and they’ll do it more.”

-Sergio Dias, Os Mutantes