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Nanako Sato - Funny Walkin' LP


Beat Ball Music

Tokyo-based singer-songwriter Nanako Sato(佐藤奈々子) teamed up with Motoharu Sano(佐野元春) during her time in school and submitted an entry into a collegiate women’s song contest, which made it to the finals. This led to her signing with Better Days/Nippon Columbia and the release of her debut album, <Funny Walkin’>. In charge of arrangements is ‘Master’ Yuji Ohno(大野雄二) of fame, who weaves a classy pop record with bold jazz vibes. Sato’s nonchalant, whispering, vocal style – which would go on to deeply influence the later Shibuya-kei style – comes together with Sano’s broad musical arsenal encompassing ragtime, good time rock n roll, and jazz to create one beauty of a record. The opening track ‘Subterranean Couple’ has been rediscovered to great acclaim amid the recent ‘city pop’ craze.

  1. Subterranean Couple
  2. Twilight
  3. Midnight Rock and Roll Dance
  4. Tightrope Walk
  5. Funny Walkin' In Red Dress
  6. Ragtime Fever
  7. Street Corner Betty
  8. From Saturday Night To Sunday Morning
  9. Stardust Drive
  10. Pianist' Lover
  11. In Love
  12. Night Isadora