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Author: Olds, Sharon

Publication Date: 09/20/2016

Format: Paperback

Following The Pulitzer Prize-winning Collection Stag's Leap, Sharon Olds Gives Us A Stunning Book Of Odes. Opening With The Powerful And Tender Ode To The Hymen, Olds Addresses And Embodies, In This Age-old Poetic Form, Many Aspects Of Love And Gender And Sexual Politics In A Collection That Is Centered On The Body And Its Structures And Pleasures. The Poems Extend Parts Of Her Narrative As A Daughter, Mother, Wife, Lover, Friend, And Poet Of Conscience That Will Be Familiar From Earlier Collections, Each Episode And Memory Burnished By The Wisdom And Grace And Humor Of Looking Back--jacket. Acknowledgments -- Ode To The Hymen. -- 1 . Ode To The Clitoris -- Ode To The Penis -- Ode Of Broken Loyalty -- Wind Ode -- Ode To My Whiteness -- Amaryllis Ode -- Ode To My Sister. -- 2. Ode To The Condom -- Ode To The Tampon -- Hip Replacement Ode -- Ode With A Silence In It -- Ode To The Last Thirty-eight Trees In New York City Visible From This Window -- Ode To My Living Friends (january 2010) -- Ode Of Withered Cleavage. -- 3. Ode To Menstrual Blood -- Celibate's Ode To Balls -- Ode To Thought -- Secondary Boycott Ode -- Legs Ode -- Unmatching Legs Ode -- Matching Ode -- Ode Of Girls' Things. -- 4. Blow Job Ode -- Ode To The Female Reproductive System -- Sexist Ode -- Spoon Ode -- Ode To Buttermilk -- Ode To The Corner I Was Stood In -- Ode To The Creature From The Black Lagoon. -- 5. Douche-bag Ode -- Single Lady's Ode -- Ode To Whiskers -- Split Ode -- Ode To Buttermilk -- Ode Of The Present Moment, In The Living Room, With Bianca -- Stanley Kunitz Ode -- Sheffield Mountain Ode -- San Francisco Bay Dawn Ode -- Sick Couch Ode. -- 6. Victuals Dream Ode -- Ode To The Word Vulva -- Toxic Shock Ode -- Ode To Wattles -- Real Estate Ode -- Ode To My Fat -- My Mother's Flashlight Ode -- Ode To Stretch Marks -- Merkin Ode -- Wild Ode. -- 7. Ode For The Vagina -- Ode To The Glans -- Second Ode To The Hymen -- Ode To A Composting Toilet -- Ode To Dirt -- Woodwind Ode -- New England Camping Ode -- Pine Tree Ode -- Sloan Kettering Ode -- Trilobite Ode -- Double Ode For Hazel -- Harmony Ode -- O Of Multiple O's -- Donner Party Mother Ode -- Abracadabra Ode. Sharon Olds.

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