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Orion Sun - Getaway EP


Mom+Pop Records

Orion Sun’s music has a profound gravitational pull. Since the mid-2010s, the 24-year-old singer/songwriter/producer has released transformative, intimate soul that sounds atmospheric, yet grounded. By creating a listening experience that’s both heady and guarded, Orion Sun has cemented herself as one of alternative R&B’s most pivotal artists. With her new body of work, she sounds meditative, full of wisdom—voice unwavering even in moments of uncertainty.

After learning to heal through creativity, Orion Sun has arrived at the present moment with Getaway, a labor of love that doubles as a time capsule of her pandemic experience.
Produced by Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend, HAIM), her lead single “Concrete” marries hard-hitting percussion with vulnerable lyrics that address both romantic emotions and her appreciative feelings toward her family and ancestors.

Orion Sun has proven that she can do it all on her own. But by gathering talented minds together to help and teach her, she’s allowing herself to focus on what makes her voice and songwriting so captivating. She’s long been able to deftly handle weighty subject matter, but with extra hands around, Orion Sun’s songs are only getting sharper, heavier, and more moving.