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Peter Buck - I Am Back To Blow Your Mind Once Again LP NEW

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Peter Buck - I Am Back To Blow Your Mind Once Again LP


Mississippi Records

Back once again is the incredible Peter Buck, wielding his trusty Rickenbacker and determined to live life like it was 1985 -- those halcyon days of vinyl and college radio, long before the era of CDs, corporate consolidation, and R.E.M. as international superstars. Buck is determined to turn back the clock so he can live an ever-present '80s fantasy powered by turntables and Mummies covers. Like its 2012 predecessor, I Am Back to Blow Your Mind Once Again is available only on vinyl and it's hard to imagine it ever being issued on CD because it's designed as an old-fashioned record, nothing more than a collection of garage rock scuzz, power pop, Southern poetry, and hazy folk-rock -- anything that sounds really good playing late at night when there's a six-pack on hand. Buck is now confident enough to not always hide his voice underneath the buzz of an amplifier and to hand his best piece of writing, the autobiographical "Southerner," over to Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers to recite, while giving Corin Tucker the spotlight for the spooky "Drown with Me." Buck could've done "Southerner" but he knows he doesn't have the vocal chops for "Drown with Me" and, better still, he doesn't much care, as he's having a great time growling about "Monkey Mask" and bitching about how he's "Gotta Get Outta the House." These last two could've fit onto 2012's Peter Buck but the full-bodied '60s Boyce & Hart pop of "West of Sunset" and full-flowered "Fall on My Own Sword" are the greatest signals of how Buck is expanding his palette without ever leaving his 1985 home base. And who can blame him for living in a past refracted through the past? The '80s were good to him. He's done his time in the arenas and it sounds like he's getting a thrill playing in the minor leagues again, and his enthusiasm is infectious.

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