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Pink Mountaintops - Peacock Pools 


ATO Records

Pink Mountaintops’ first new album in eight years features 12 songs sparked from Stephen McBean's magpie-like curiosity for a wild expanse of cultural artifacts: David Cronenberg, Disney Read-Along Records from the '70s, early Pink Floyd, mid-career Gary Numan, John Carpenter movies, Ornette Coleman live videos. Featuring counterculture icons like Steven McDonald (Redd Kross) and Dale Crover (Melvins), Peacock Pools alchemize those obsessions into a body of work with its own enchanting power.


Side A

1.Nervous Breakdown,

2.Nikki Go Sudden,

3.Blazing Eye,

4.You Still Around,

5.Shake The Dust,

6.Swollen Maps

Side B

1.Lights of The City,

2.Miss Sundown,

3.Lady Inverted Cross,


5.All This Death Is Killing Me,

6.The Walk - Song For Amy