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Pissed Jeans - Honeys LP 


Includes mp3 download of album.

Sub Pop Records

As aggro as ever, Pissed Jeans return to express their supreme discontent with the mundane world on their fourth album, Honeys. Changing their sound a bit from their last effort, 2009's King of Jeans, the album has a roomier, more open sound, giving the album more of a snarling quality than its more guttural predecessor. Though the sonic palette may be tweaked a little, the band's sense of disdain and frustration toward the little things is still gloriously intact. While most punk bands like to take a shot at big picture issues like politics and religion, Pissed Jeans dig into the gritty details of the modern world, evoking the smoldering annoyances building up in the hearts and minds of every cubicle dweller who's ever looked at a passive aggressive note in the company break room regarding the coffee machine and fantasized about ripping off their tie and running off to live a life of savage simplicity under a nice overpass somewhere. Like the rest of their work, Honeys is punk rock for everyone who's had to dedicate less time to their ideals and more time toward paying the cable bill and buying diapers. Though this kind of growing up might seem like a way for people to trade in the fire in their bellies for stability, the kind of hostility that can be brought on by the shackles of adulthood is very real. Fortunately, when the world has you feeling trapped, Pissed Jeans are there to help you rage out for a bit while you find some perspective.