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Pumpkin Witch - The Return of the Pumpkin Witch LP


Deathbomb Arc Records

The 4th Pumpkin Witch album released by Deathbomb Arc, and their first non-reissue for the label. Nothing can keep the Pumpkin Witch dead for long. The Witch is back! And her web of evil is larger than ever, her vile plans call for nothing short of world domination... The Three Dark Figures have conjured up 11 new tracks of creepy cackles and crazed cacophony that create an audiological kaleidoscope of terror. An emphasis on percussion and an evident influence from goth club music blends with the horror soundtrack-fueled dark ambience of albums past, making this perfect listening for any unholy ritual or cemetery soir e. You can lock your doors, board up your windows, and say your prayers but nothing can protect you from "The Return of the Pumpkin Witch"!

  1. Stalked through the Shadowy Vapor
  2. Black Clouds Gather Once More
  3. Beat of the Mummified Heart
  4. Ectoplasmic Refraction
  5. Skeleton Keys in Trembling Hands
  6. Those Crows are up to Something
  7. Wandering on the Moonlit Manor
  8. They Roam the Night
  9. Mournful Howls Echo Across the Land
  10. A Haunted Transmission
  11. The Return of the Pumpkin Witch