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Radio Moscow - 3 & 3 Quarters LP NEW

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Radio Moscow - 3 & 3 Quarters LP


Alive Naturalsound Records

Led by guitarist and songwriter Parker Griggs, Radio Moscow are an Iowa-based band in love with the resin-soaked sounds of heavy boogie and raunchy psychedelia from the late 1960s, but once upon a time Griggs had other musical interests. In 2003, the 18-year-old quit the hardcore band he'd been working with and started a project of his own called Garbage Composal, which was heavily influenced by mid-'60s garage rock, with a hint of late-'70s punk for seasoning. Griggs began committing his new tunes to tape, handling guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and vocals all by himself. He eventually completed an album's worth of material before Garbage Composal evolved into Radio Moscow with the arrival of bassist Serana Andersen and the group started exploring new territory.

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