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Robbie Fulks - Country Love Songs LP


Bloodshot Records

Robbie Fulks' debut album - now on vinyl for the first time - was the surprise hit of '96, and at the time served notice that a) Country Music did NOT have to suck b) that he was a top-notch songwriter and performer and c) things in the underground country scene were never going to be the same. Truly the bar had been raised. Let's let Robbie describe it: "13 original country songs with an early 50's production aesthetic (hot vocals, robust bass, live instrumental tracks) and arrangement, reviving certain types of songs long abandoned by mainstream country music. Likewise in retro spirit, these songs will frequently violate current country songwriting trends which hold as taboo themes of negativism, forceful expression, and points of view uncongenial to the prevailing ideology of fatuous feelgoodism; they will instead reflect a modern sensibility in their emotional graphicness, vigorous iconoclasm, and sense of humor. In composition and presentation the music will honestly reflect the heart and personality of it's author/singer, and in it's fundamental sincerity will stand resolutely against the poisonous tides of camp." Co-produced by Steve Albini, and features appearances by the Skeletons, and Tom Brumley (of the Buckaroos!), and drop-dead, now classic cool honky tonk gems like "Every Kinda Music But Country," "The Buck Starts Here," and the sing-a-long fave "She Took A Lot Of Pills (And Died)." Foodies will love "The Scrapple Song," duet fetishists will adore "We'll Burn Together" and sinners will love "Let's Live Together."

1 Every Kind of Music But Country
2 Rock Bottom, Population 1
3 The Buck Starts Here
4 (I Love) Nickels and Dimes
5 Barely Human
6 I'd Be Lonesome
7 She Took a Lot of Pills (And Died)
8 We'll Burn Together
9 Let's Live Together
10 The Scrapple Song
11 Pete Way's Trousers
12 Tears Only Run One Way
13 Papa Was a Steel-Headed Man

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