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Saul Williams - Martyr Loser King LP


Fader Records

Indie Exclusive * First time on colored vinyl * Martyr Loser King is the fifth studio album from musician, actor, poet, and activist Saul Williams. A thinly veiled concept album carved from the tales of its main character - a computer hacker living in Burundi with the screen name mrtyr_lsr_kng - the album confronts a bevy of timely issues head on and unapologetically, from economic disparity and police brutality to issues of privacy in the digital age.

1. Groundwork
2. Horn Of The Clock-Bike
3. Ashes
4. Think Like They Book Say
5. The Bear/ Coltan As Cotton
6. Burundi
7. The Noise Came From Here
8. Down For Some Ignorance
9. Roach Eggs
10. All Coltrane Solos At Once
11. No Different
12. Homes/ Drones/ Poems/ Drums

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