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Saul Williams - Self Titled LP


Fader Label Records

First establishing himself as an influential poet, then an award-winning screenwriter/actor, Saul Williams then went on to become an MC. His approach to MCing, though, wasn't exactly in line with the traditional school of hip hop. His rhymes weren't really rhymes, but rather his poetry delivered in a frenzied, spoken word manner that was more rhythmic than alliterate. Released in 2004, this self-titled album features guests like Zach de la Roca and members from Mars Volta.

  1. Talk To Strangers 2:39
  2. Grippo 3:03
  3. Telegram 3:30
  4. Act III Scene 2 (Shakespeare) 4:19
  5. List Of Demands (Reparations) 3:18
  6. African Student Movement 4:01
  7. Black Stacey 5:24
  8. PG 1:35
  9. Surrender (A Second To Think) 4:18
  10. Control Freak 4:14
  11. Seaweed 3:38
  12. Notice Of Eviction 4:18

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