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Sleater-Kinney's Dig Me Out (33 1/3)

Author: Babovic, Jovana

Publication Date: 05/19/2016

Format: Paperback

Follows The Narrative Of Dig Me Out From Its Inception In Olympia To Its Recording In Seattle And Its Reception Across The United States. It's Anchored In A Short Period Of Time - Roughly From Mid-1996 To Mid-1998 - But It Encompasses A Series Of Battles Over Meaning That Continued To Preoccupy Sleater-kinney In The Coming Decades. The Band Wrestled With The Media About How They Would Be Presented To The Public, It Contended With Technicians About How Their Sound Would Be Heard In Clubs, And They Struggled With Pervasive Social Hierarchies About How Their Work Would Be Understood In Popular Culture. The Only Instance Where The Band Didn't Have To Put Up Much Of A Fight Was When It Came To Their Fans. The Acclaim Sleater-kinney Received From Their Listeners In The Late 1990s, And Continue To Receive Today, Speaks To A Need For Icons Who Challenged Normative Notions Of Culture And Gender. This Story Ofdig Me Out Chronicles How Sleater-kinney Won The Fight To Define Themselves On Their Own Terms - As Women And As Musicians - And, In The Process, How They Redefined The Parameters Rock. --publisher's Description. Introduction : Sleater-kinney's Dig Me Out In The Cultural Moment Of The Late 1990s -- Olympia Calling : The Making And Breaking Out Of Spaces -- Eight Days In Seattle : The Struggle To Record Dig Me Out -- Strange Words : Writing About Gender, Punk, And Sleater-kinney -- Hey Soundguy : The Dig Me Out Tour -- Words And Guitars : Celebrity, Fandom, And The Cult Of Sleater-kinney. Jovana Babovic. Includes Bibliographical References.

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