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Sleepwulf - Self Titled LP


Heavy Psych Sounds

LP version. Cherry pink vinyl. Reissue, originally released in 2020. Sleepwulf's debut album is a bonfire of vintage '70s proto doom sounds that recently set fire to the underground rock scene, managing to gain a #3 spot on the coveted Doom Charts. Inspired heavily from the work of renowned occultist John Dee, this album attempts to rekindle his vision of a united cosmos. From the stars to atoms and back again, every aspect of the album is rooted in these core principles. These themes also seep into the back cover artwork which was cut from a single piece of paper, with each image representing a song on the album. To keep the authentic retro vibe, the album was self-recorded live on tape in their practice room. "It was a journey to capture the sound we were hearing when we jammed together but after a lot of trial and error, we got there in the end." The cover art was drawn in the late '70s by the singer's father and left undiscovered in a cupboard for 40 years until shortly before the album was finished. This is an album of cycles and connection, which endeavors to bring the sounds of old into the burning sun once again. Includes three bonus tracks.

01. Wizard Slayer
02. Beasts Of Collision
03. Standing Stones
04. God Of The Gaps
05. Tumbling Towers
06. Misty Mountain
07. Wicked Man
08. One Eyed Jailor
09. Spell Of The Dead Man's Hand*
10. Witches Covenant*
11. Moonbeams Curl*