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Social Distortion - Prison Bound LP 

New. Sealed. 

Limited 140gm vinyl LP pressing. After the long layoff that followed their groundbreaking debut, Mommy's Little Monster, Mike Ness and Social Distortion dropped another seminal punk offering, Prison Bound, in 1988. Slower and more song-driven than their previous disc, this sophomore outing is an absolute triumph. The epic stories of hard living and regret that became Social Distortion's trademark fill Prison Bound's track list.This second album was the turning point that saw band leader Ness expand Social Distortion’s songwriting into the signature sound we know today. Includes ’It’s The Law’, ’No Pain No Gain’, ’Backstreet Girl’, ’Like An Outlaw (For You’ and the title track.

- Disc 1 -
1 It's the Law 2:37
2 Indulgence 4:34
3 Like An Outlaw (For You) 5:20
4 Backstreet Girl 4:21
5 Prison Bound 5:22
- Disc 2 -
1 No Pain No Gain 3:45
2 On My Nerves 4:22
3 I Want What I Want 3:01
4 Lawless 3:19
5 Lost Child 4:18

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